Bond Cigarettes

Bond	Cigarettes
The Bond cigarettes appeared in 1902. Philip Morris International made this trademark. This brand of cigarettes is popular almost 100 years. No smoker has ever regretted to have bought these cigarettes.

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The famous London Street was the initial cause of the brand name. This street is very fashionable, where only the upper classes enjoy spending their leisure life. It means that the cigarettes, under such name can introduce you into high life of the elite. No matter what social status you have, you will be the part of this.
How is it possible? These cigarettes must be really expensive! Not at all! The price is average and affordable for any smoker. You should not also have doubt that the quality is bad. The advantage of these cigarettes is that they do not contain much tar and nicotine. The smoker can be assured not to inhale more nicotine he is not supposed to. The aroma is fine and delicate. One would imagine oneself smoking the cigarette at a social event, surrounded by the fashion-conscious men and women.